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Think about history.
To reach where we stand today,
myriad people pursued their dreams and imagination.

Think about skill.
From human to human, layering lives’ worth of studies,
created the wonder of inheriting over time.

Think about land.
From long ago, the riches nurtured by nature
to this day, help us and exist with us.

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Using this word, we the Japanese have respected history, skill, and land.
To this day, and beyond, we will forever inherit and evolve with nature.

Brand Statement

Communicating the heart and spirit
through craftsmanship and material.
Hospitality is the warmth emitted from it.

“Omoeraku” is a word from the oldest chronicles of Japan
meaning “assisting imagination” (thinking and contemplating).
According to this word, the Japanese have learned and inherited
traditional culture, cuisine, entertainment, and knowledge.

Behind this human development, various tools became essential to life.
Tools such as vessels, dishware, and kitchenware,
signifying at times more meaning and value than their actual utility,
have changed history because of its mere existence.

The “Omoeraku Series” provides handmade tools for contemporary life
but incorporates craftsmanship and material inherited from the land
all against the backdrop of Japanese traditional culture and cuisine.

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